About Us

With the charm of recipes handed down from Italy, Rosanne’s Biscotti are enhanced with unique combinations of delectable, wholesome ingredients sure to delight the most discriminating palate.

Originally made as a long shelf-life food for travelers and carried by the Roman Legions, today’s biscotti are a popular accompaniment to coffee, tea and wine.

The word Biscotti means “twice-baked.”  Rosanne’s Biscotti are first baked in hand-formed loaves, then sliced and toasted.  Returning to the oven draws off moisture and results in a crisp, dry cookie that is excellent for dunking.  While the baking process may be long and demanding, the end result makes it all worthwhile.

Rosanne’s Biscotti are made with unbleached flour, fresh eggs, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, and natural extracts.  No preservatives are added and there are no trans-fats.